Beaumont Subway, Sheffield

Sheffield Council were unable to source the original ceramic tile (obsolete), the tiles were being damaged by vandals .


We were asked to square the tiled areas, prepare the concrete substrate by hand scabbling and repair using Fosroc HBS repair mortar, and sealant joints were renewed where required.



wp_20150917_028   wp_20150917_029    wp_20150917_026

wp_20150917_024   wp_20150917_023    wp_20150917_022

wp_20150917_021   wp_20150917_020




wp_20151026_001   wp_20151026_002   wp_20151026_003

wp_20151026_004   wp_20151026_005   wp_20151026_006

wp_20151026_007   wp_20151026_008   wp_20151026_009

wp_20151026_010   wp_20151026_011   wp_20151026_012



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