Remedial Wall Ties


Sealability are a Helifix Approved Installer with in house Helifix Surveyors.

Wall ties are used to join the internal and external walls (or leafs) of a cavity wall and are installed during construction.

Over time these wall ties can corrode and require replacement – particularly where ungalvanised or inadequately protected steel wall ties have been used. The expansion caused by this type of corrosion can force apart mortar joints- causing cracking of masonry. Other symptoms include bulging of the walls and the lifting of roof edges.

Replacement of wall ties may also be necessary if the original wall ties used to construct a cavity wall were installed incorrectly. For example, where too few ties were installed (low tie density), where the wrong type of wall ties were used, or where site control during installation was poor.

Wall tie replacement is carried out using special types of wall tie which have been specifically developed for use on existing walls.

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