ThermaTech Cleaning


ThermaTech is a modular range of superheated water cleaning equipment, producing superheated water at temperatures up to 150℃. Highly effective at melting and removing many paints, surface treatments, chewing gum, wax, oil/bitumen and organic matter from a range of substrates, often without the addition of harsh chemicals.

ThermaTech offers delicate cleaning techniques with super effective results for the purposes of masonry cleaning, paint and coatings removal on heritages and other structure.

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The Problem: Stonework had not been treated for many years which built up a lot of substantial staining on the surface of the wall.

The Solution: After arranging a site visit and completing our test, we decided that the best approach to take would be to use ThermaTech Superheated Water Cleaning System, we achieved the desired result by going over the wall once!!

The Outcome: This system worked extremely well, using temperatures from 120-140℃, cleaning the brickwork and bringing it back to new without the use of ANY chemicals or causing any further damage. The before and after clearly show the effectiveness of this system.

Why ThermaTech?

This system beats all other methods out there, whatever type of organic matter the surfaces have or however long it has been there for, it is well known that the appropriate cleaning method needs to be applied… One, so the damage does not ruin the surface and two, so the biological spores are killed to prevent organic regrowth happening, helping to keep all surfaces cleaner for longer.

ThermaTech is the all round solution for removing all types of organic matter, from different surfaces. From it being so delicate and cleaning at high temperatures, there is no damage done and all biological spores are killed, preventing regrowth and returning surfaces back to their natural colour.


The 150℃ eco-friendly vaporized water can eradicate:

» Algae

» Fungi

» Lichen

» Biofilm

» Bitumen

» Modern Paints

» Moss

& much more! 


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